Raised to Love

One on one time

How do parents know what their children are doing when they are not at home? When they are on-line? When they are at a friend’s house? Unless your child trusts you, and confides in you, you may not have a clue. And if you don’t know, you cannot
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Boys out of doors

Every child is unique, but some parenting strategies tend to be gender specific. There are countless exceptions to every broad generalisation, but girls tend to develop their cognitive faculties earlier than boys, outstripping their brothers in communication skills; boys thrive on clear direction, structure, and launch themselves into outdoor adventure.

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Daughters need dads

Pediatrician Dr Meg Meeker in Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters urges fathers to defend their daughters. She insists on dad’s role to help his daughter ‘navigate through a treacherous popular culture’ that is ‘not healthy for girls and women’. She says, ‘Fathers, more than anyone else, set the course for
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Safe online

Twenty years ago, parents would say that television causes most arguments in their homes. Now parents rank ‘Coping with the digital technology in the lives of their children’ as their biggest headache. A mother of four and five year olds told of how it took several weeks to get the

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Positive family culture

We can complain about our lack of time, the influence of television, and Safe Schools, but the ultimate responsibility to establish family culture falls on you as the parent. Nobody else is responsible. This is a great privilege and also a duty.

To achieve this, three things are essential. First,

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